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The Crocodile Dundee Movie Reboot: An Elaborate Australian Tourism Ad

If you watched the Super Bowl recently, then there’s a good chance you saw an interesting (and somewhat controversial) clip advertising the release of a brand-new Crocodile Dundee film. The advert aired for around 110 million viewers as part of a $38 million campaign intended to inspire American customers to visit Australia.

The Super Bowl campaign is the most expensive tourism campaign ever aired by the federal government for an overseas market. In fact, on average, most customers pay the NBC somewhere around $5 million USD for a 30-second slot. However, Tourism Australia negotiated a slot unlike any other.

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China Ready: Adapting your Tourism Product to Engage with Chinese Travellers

China is officially emerging as the most important tourism market for Australia. Not only are Chinese tourists overtaking the New Zealand market as the most lucrative tourist for Australian tourism companies, but many experts suggest that the Chinese market has the potential to be worth around $13 billion by 2020. If you want to know […]

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5 SEO Tricks for Tourism Operators

Tourism experts are in the perfect space to take advantage of a changing consumer base today. These days, millennials make up most of the consumer market, and as we all know, these individuals prefer to champion experience, over tangible items and objects. That means that you’ve got countless opportunities to sell more adventures to more people than ever before.

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How to Offer Sponsored Stays/Tours to Travel Bloggers

If you want to get more out of your marketing efforts as a tourism-based company, then you might want to consider partnering with travel bloggers. These unique artistic experts can benefit your business in several ways, by giving you access to a pre-established audience of travel-enthusiasts, and introducing your company to new solutions for brand awareness.

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