Travel agents and tourism operators are constantly looking for new and improved ways to draw more traffic to their websites, and customers to their company. As brands that thrive on the ongoing search for bigger, better experiences, these brands must work extra hard if they want to outshine their competition, and capture the attention of their ideal clients.

One potential strategy, is to link your online presence with other online solutions to expand brand reach. For instance, Viator is a popular online travel agency that works with local operators to connect travellers to the best activities and tours available on their trips and vacations. Viator can provide access to this information through a range of consumer channels, including various affiliate partners such as airlines, hotels, and travel agencies. The question is, should you sign up with viator, and what are the benefits involved with using this solution to grow your business?

1.     Viator Provides Access to New Customers

Viator gets around 10 million unique visitors each month – that makes it a huge source of potential traffic and customer for any tourism operator. Today, it’s one of the most popular websites around for travellers in Australia who are looking to upgrade their travel experience with something new and exciting.

Listing your company with Viator could be a great way to expand your reach to new audiences around the world, while boosting your potential for monthly bookings and profits too. The Viator integration means that customers can be directed to your listing on Viator through a simple “Book now” button, perfect for the fast-paced consumer of the modern world.

2.     Viator is Simple and Cost-Effective

One of the biggest problems that tourism operators face when it comes to enhancing their position within the marketplace, is that they fear it’s either too complicated, or too expensive to get involved with new strategies for success. The good news is that Viator is one of the many solutions available that’s easy to manage, and even easier to use. You can simply set up your integration within a matter of hours, and keep admin to a minimum.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no sign-up fees to worry about when you’re using Viator to expand and grow your tourism business. You can sign up without any commitment to a payment plan, because the Viator brand makes money from exposure – just like you do. The amount that they earn is based on a fixed percentage between the Viator platform, and your company.

3.     Viator is a Simple Way to Connect with Customers

While there are many different platforms out there that can be effective when it comes to helping you grow and expand your tourism business, few allow you to tap into the benefits that come with establishing stronger, more loyal connections with your target audience.

Viator is unique because it not only provides its customers with all the support they could possibly need to thrive in the changing marketplace, but they also give brands an opportunity to reach out to target customers when necessary. This is particularly useful when you want to use your Viator strategy to arrange custom activities and tours, confirm details with a client, or send out important confirmation documents.


Luke is the founder of Thrive Tourism with almost a decade of experience in Online Marketing, consulting and managing campaigns for brands big and small since 2012.

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